Your home, or home away from home, in Paradise!

Found at 2140 Kuhio Avenue, the Four Paddle enjoys a convenient location in Waikiki.   Situated just a short stroll from the world famous Waikiki Beach and the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean.  With restaurants, movie theaters, local entertainment, and convenience stores located nearby; the Four Paddle is truly in the Heart of Waikiki!


The Four Paddle is a high-rise condominium community of 250 apartments, each privately owned.  The building is 25 stories tall, with plenty of on-site parking.  Storage, as well as trash disposal, is located on each residential floor in the building.  The pool/recreation deck is located on the 5th floor, along with showers, sauna, barbeque area, and covered picnic tables.  Individual washer and dryer capability can be found in each unit, as well as a centrally-supplied air-conditioning system.



One Paddle, Two Paddle
……Three Paddle…. Four to Take me Home!!!!

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